Summer Camp Grants

SCJGF Summer Camp Grant Program was a concept not too long ago.  Back in the summer of 2009, the Country Club of Spartanburg conducted a pilot program and it was a huge success.  Not only were kids getting weeks worth of a golf camp, but it bacame so popular that the Club’s Membership Director would specifically schedule appointments during Camp time so that families could see the hustle and bustle of youngsters having an opportunity like the one CCS created.

Last year was the second full year of our SCJGF giving out $1,500 grants to SCGA member clubs for a summer camp program.  What started as that little pilot program at the Country Club of Spartanburg during the summer of 2009 has gained a full head of steam heading into 2012.  Just recently the SCJGF Board of Trustees awarded nine (9) clubs $1,500 each for this summer.  If your club hosts any type of Junior Golf Camp, please pass this information along to your professional staff.  These grants are designed to continue the growth of the game.  We encourage clubs to charge a fee in accordance with normal pricing guidelines for camp settings and recommend a $5-$10 price range per instructional hour.

The SCJGF grant money should be used to help with the purchase of necessary equipment, expand junior golf education and development, provide employment for counselors or interns to assist staff professionals, food and beverage costs and/or course access.  We feel the program should consist of a six to 12 week plan working into facility and staff scheduling, have an introductory and skill based instruction component, include etiquette education and on-course learning opportunities.

Recipients of the 2012 grants included: Blue Ridge Junior Golf of Oconee County, Charwood Country Club, Country Club of Spartanburg, The Golf Club at Star Fort, DeBordieu Club, Greenville Country Club, Hidden Valley Golf Club, The Golf Club at Wescott Plantation and The Woodlands Golf & Country Club.

Keep an eye out for our program in 2013 as we continue to work to reach more clubs!

For further information and inquiries on how to obtain a grant, contact our offices at 803-732-9311!